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    East Coast PPG features the following trikes:

    The 2011 Air Trike - $2550.00 (Our top of the line recommendation)

Featured - The 2011 Air Trike

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$4300 - 2012 Tandem S-Trike

     The new S-Trike is a landmark in aviation. It can be used with pretty much any paraglider and some skydiving & base jumping canopies for an endless variety of applications from transporting heavy gear to acrobatics. With the standard Flat Top 200 attached to the back it is capable of carrying up to 350 lbs. That means a 180 lb pilot can stow up to 170 lbs of gear in the detachable luggage pouch below the unit. Perfect for ferrying gear into remote areas, taking a camping trip with your buddies or search & rescue missions to military applications.
     It can launch in pretty much any decently smooth clearing, fly as high as 18,000 ft and has a fuel range of 280 miles. Once aloft the pilot can also shut off the motor and use ridge or wave lift and thermals to travel without the use of the engine. With up to an 11:1 glide ratio and speeds up to 50mph it is exceptionally versatile.
     With a weight of only 144 lbs total after the addition of a Flat Top 200 it is easily within the ultralight classification so there is no license required for the pilot or costly certifications or registration for the aircraft.
     It is also very portable when used with the travel rack designed for it which fits any standard receiver hitch and allows both the Flat Top and S-Trike to be carried behind a vehicle without need for a trailer.
     Perfectly balanced and fitted with a castered front landing gear the pilot can focus on flying the canopy during launch & landing as the S-Trike will happily follow along to the inputs from recommended gliders. Once under way and your canopy is flying over head the input from the canopy will allow you to steer back and forth and even drive around in circles without having to press the steering peddles or brakes on the S-Trike for direction while on the ground. This lightens the load on the pilot allowing them to focus more freely on throttle and toggle input.
     The glider hooks in much lower than on other designs making the unit far more stable and less prone to tipping but even with low hang points and a very low center of gravity life saving crumple zone was not forgotten. With over 21 inches of travel and spring steel axles the S-Trike will absorb an enormous amount of impact to help keep the pilot safe. Topped off with a quick release seat belt, an all aluminum 6061 T6 chassis and fitted with a High Energy reserve parachute you can see why pilots feel so secure flying it.
     Versatility, portability, reliability, usability, survivability. The S-Trike has revolutionized the world of ultralight aircraft for both men and women alike. 1Send us an email or give us a call and find out what the power of flight can do for you.

Featured - The 2011 S Trike

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