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East Coast PPG's Powered Paraglider Training: Getting you home safe... Every Time!

     East Coast PPG's training package is designed with our stated goal, above, in mind. We won't compromise on content, duration, or any other aspect of our training. It's all vital knowledge and experience, and will prepare you for any situation. Our package is complete, including lodging, hands-on training, basic principles of paraglider flight, tandem flights, and intensive instruction on all aspects of Powered Paragliding. Our goal is to make you ready to deal with any/all situations you might encounter during your time flying. We'll give you the tools to bring yourself home safe every time, not just some fancy words talking about "how the gear works"!
     For the ground portion of our training, you'll learn the basics, familiarize yourself with the equipment, learn the flight characteristics of the paraglider, and learn to fly with the wing only (without the motor). This will be accompanied by hands-on instructor time, and you'll be given an extensive "pre-flight" checklist to master.
     Next you'll run thru the pre-flight, and prepare for a tandem flight with the instructor. Once you've passed this portion, we'll do a tandem flight. After successfully completing the tandem flight, it's solo time! We'll start you off with low-level basic maneuvers, concentrating on take-offs and landings, turns, and gradually increase altitude once you've mastered the basics. At all times, you'll be in contact with instructors via radio, and upon landing, you'll be graded on your performance.
     After completion, you can always audit one of our training classes, to touch up on things if it's been a while since your training, or if you just want to be sure. We want you confident and ready to fly, not thinking that you need to use your training before you forget! We can also offer advice on equipment, where to fly, and we'll keep you on our notification list for when we have events. Interested? Visit our link below to answer some basic questions about your experience level (beginner or whatever), your location, availability, etc. and we'll be in touch with you to schedule your training.

Rob from EastCoastPPG Flying the 14m U-Turn SpeedMaster Rocket

Rob from EastCoastPPG Flying the 14m U-Turn SpeedMaster Rocket Wing-overs and Spirals Flattop Paramotor Small K2 d>