Reserve Chutes

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    East Coast PPG carries several recommended Reserve Parachutes. We will work with you to make the correct purchase. Because safety is our number one concern we offer only the highest recommended reserve parachutes.
Our top of the line recommendation:

The Ultimate PPG Reserve: 3 lbs!!! Extremely Light & Small For Fastest Opening
$1100 - SUPER MINI RESCUE!! High Tech Materials Now Make It Possible!!

Next, we offer the "Super Rescue", the perfect reserve chute for beginner to expert level fliers.
$700 - "peace of mind" insurance that'll bring you home safe!


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of the Super Rescue


High Energy Quantum

Quantum Series Parachutes are available in 3 sizes: QS330, QS440 and for tandem QS550. Common to all sizes:

Size QS 330 ($750) QS 440 ($850) QS 550 ($950)
Square Footage 330 440 550
Weight without Deployment Bag and Bridle 4.25 5.25 6.75
Weight with Deployment Bag and Bridle 5 lbs. 6 lbs. 7.5 lbs

$575 New Sky Spare 135

SKY SPARE is a parachute of classic circular structure with the central cord. During development, we looked for simplest technical solutions. Simplicity in this case ensures error-free use and long life. SKY SPARE reserve parachute is certified according to EN 12491 test, which is considered as the most demanding test

$800 Sky Drive Flyable Reserve Parachute

   SKY DRIVE is a steerable DHV certified reserve. The design comes for the DELTAS concept. But with SKY DRIVE the pilot does not need special risers, any kind of release system or special container - you just easily pack it into your harness. The reserve is to be packed into a standard inner container and the whole system could be accommodated in the front, side or back pocket of your harness.
    Its weight is comparable to the minimum weight of rival products and it weighs only 2.4 kg.
    Main advantages using the system: